Thankful Heritage Museum


“The Artwork of the Thankful Heritage Museum”

This video shows a spectacular, historic walk through of world and

local African-American history, art and artifacts with the Thankful

Heritage Museum Traveling Exhibit. This historical display fills

three (3) rooms of the Gallery on Main, located on the lower level

of Sabrina’s Art Gallery (112 S. Main, High Point, NC). The exhibit

ran for 45 days, beginning May 14 (the Grand Opening) and was on

display until June 30th from 12PM-6PM, Thursday - Sundays.

Room 1 includes information about…

Lucy, the world’s oldest fossil skeleton - found in Hadar,

Ethiophia, dating back 3.2 million

Genuine hand painted Egyptian art on Papyrus of Life of the


The Great Sphynx and Pyramids on tapestry

King Tu find of 1922

The Great Kings of Africa series in Ebony Magazine

Room 2 includes information about…

1619 Project - The Atlantic Slave Trade

1956 Life Magazine series - “How the Negro Came to Slavery in


Roots TV mini-series by Alex Haley

Nat Turner, Amistad, David Walker Soldiers Fighting

Histories of Fredrick Douglas and Harriett Tubman Photos

Room 3 includes information about…

The Jubilee of Freedom

The Reconstruction, 1865-1877

Booker T. Washington

NAACP - W.E.B. Dubois

Historic Posters, Inventors, Educators

Race Riots: Wilmington, 1898, Tulsa, 1921, Rosewood, 1923

HBCUs: Bennett, NC A&T, WSSU

Charlotte Hawkins Brown/Simon Green Atkins

To Form a More Perfect Union - 10 milestones in Civil Rights


Pepsi Series - Black Presence Poster Series

Special Showcase: “Art of Effley (EJ) Howell, Jr.”

Bull Durham Tobacco

PODCAST #1, 10.24.20

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